Spicy chicken is our favorite. So, we are giving you 3 recommend, delicious hot and spicy chicken recipe to test your chicken today!!
Most of us love spicy chicken; except for those who don’t like spicy food or those who has the allergic problem. Being a spicy chicken lover myself, I am bringing to 3 hot and spicy recipes for you to take a test in your chicken today or anytime you would love to treat your families, friends or yourself for a delicious meal. They use to make good family specials as well! Maybe they have similar names, but they are very very different. Probably their origin differs.
Spicy and hot Chicken Recipe.

#1. Hot Chicken wing

Chicken Wing
Half (1/2) Stick Margarine
One (1) bottle of Durkee hot Sauce
Two (2) Tablespoon honey
Ten (10) Shakes Tabasco (Optional)
For 20 minutes deeply fry wings. Dip and Drain and let set in sauce. Then take out of dry and then serve it.

#2. Spicy Chicken Wings

One (1) lg. cans Parmesan cheese
Two (2) Tablespoon of oregano
Four (4) Tablespoon of parsley
One (1) Tablespoon of salt
One (1) Tablespoon of pepper
One (1) Tablespoon of margarine
Four-Five (4-5) lbs. of chicken wings
Line a cookie sheet with an aluminum foil. In a small pan melt margarine. Cut ip the chicken wings. Ignore the tips. In a bowl mixed all dry and ingredients. Now dunk the chicken wings in margarine and then roll it in a cheese mixture. Ok now place on the cookies sheet. Let it bake for 1 hour in preheated 35-degree. Now the best part Serve it warm.

#3. Spicy and Hot Chicken Wings.

Five (5) lbs. chicken wings (Drumettes)
Twelve (12) fl. Oz. of Louisiana Pre Crystal Hot Sauce
One-Two (1-2) Sticks butter
On a paper towel fry the chicken wings until it becomes golden brown and drains. Then on a deep pan or crock pot mix the hot sauces and melted butter and pour it. And finally, add chicken wings to the sauce and heat it thoroughly.