Planning your friend’s baby shower and have no clue what’s to be done? Keep on reading to find out!


Talk to Your Friend

Yes. You might want to make it a surprise and throw her a baby shower. But you will have go first talk to her about her idea of heading a baby shower. However, if you know your friend more than she knows herself, you can simply go ahead and throw her the surprise party she deserves. But if she is not the type to celebrate something you might have to talk to her inconspicuously and get her idea about the matter and what she wants and how she wants it as well.


List out Everything

Making a list of everything is a great way to organize a baby shower. The list should include who you are going to invite to the party and their numbers, the catering services, a list of pregnancy gifts and more.


Who Should You Invite?

If you want to keep it between the girls and girls only, you will have to make sure that you only invite the best friends of the mom to be. However, if you want to make it a bit public and fun you can invite the mother of the mom to be and if she has any sisters. You will have to make sure that you invite the good friends of your friends to make sure that she’s happy about her list of guests at the party. You can compile the addresses of these guests and make sure that you send out the invites to the guests at least three weeks early since they will enough time to repay to you with their ability to come or not.


Catering Service

Ideally, the food at the party should include the favorites of the mom too. If she has any aversion to any type of food, it is better that you just stay away from ordering it. If the mom has a special catering service that she loves, you can go ahead and order from them and them only. The type of food usually displayed in a baby shower is finger food with tea. And you can go ahead and include an elegant tea party in the evening for the ladies.


Decoration Ideas

You can go crazy with the decoration if you are planning a huge blow out before the arrival of the baby. However, even if you arrange a small and quiet one, you will need some amount of decoration as well. There is no point of spending too much on the decorations if it a small occasion. However, there are many ideas you can try out on decorations even if you are on a budget. You can make little onesies out paper and hang them in strings around the room and make little cribs to hold the food as well.


Gift Registry

You can go ahead and make a gift registry for the party as well. There are two ways to approach the matter. You can either include the gifts that your friend can use after the pregnancy or you can simply make it about the baby.