We all are guilty of bad eating habits and sometimes we might not even know about them, keep reading if you want to get rid of it and want to start a healthy lifestyle.

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What Are Bad Eating Habits


Most people think that bad habits mean overeating or not having any control of your portions. True this is bad but the list doesn’t just end here. Starving yourself is equally bad, many people skip meals in order to lose weight. This is very unhealthy and in fact it might lead to gaining more weight. This is because it will slow down your metabolism rate making it difficult to lose weight. Surprisingly, not drinking enough water is also considered as a bad eating habit. This is because water is really important for your body, it not only quinces thirst but also helps to detoxify your body. So if you do any of the above, then you too have bad eating habits. If you want to achieve your dream body it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible.


Start Slowly and Become Aware Of What You Eat


It can be a little difficult to change your bad habits at first so take baby steps and make small changes daily. For example, if you cannot control your portions then try to drink a lot of water before your meals. This will make you feel full and you wouldn’t be able to binge eat even if you would want to. If you are extremely overweight or obese then it is good to keep a check on what you eat. Before you start this journey, go to a dietician and he/she would tell you how many calories you should consume daily in order to reach your target weight. You can try fitness apps which calculate food calorie counter, and this way you will make sensible food choices. For example, a donut has 452 calories but so does chicken breast with baked chips and the latter is more filling and nutritious.


Chew Your Food and Don’t Drink Your Calories


How many of us simply swallow our food instead of chewing it properly? It is really important to chew your food well, for example, it is easier to digest and is also good for your teeth. Moreover, you enjoy the taste better when you chew it. According to experts, you should chew your food 32 times, this will take a lot of time which means you won’t overeat and this will help to maintain a healthy weight. Also it is very important to save your calories for something which is worth it. For example, it is okay to binge on your diet once in a while, but even then make sensible choices. Don’t waste in on a sugary drink instead of eat food you actually crave for such as burgers and pizzas.

Lastly, remember that change won’t occur over time. If you have been binge eating for a while or skipping meals for a long time then it will take time to get rid of it. So start with baby steps for example if you aren’t used to a heavy breakfast then start off with something light as a juice or smoothie and gradually you could work on the portions.