The word Covid, RAT tests, and PCRs have become common words to all of us. A few years ago, most of us did not know what either of those things meant and now you cannot go a day without hearing them. In the same way, getting sick has now become a guessing game of what could I possibly have now ranging from a simple allergy. The flu to mild Covid and then a serious strain of Covid.

Either way each time we feel sick the question that comes up almost immediately is should I get tested. Some who are a little more paranoid may want to know for sure while the others decide to watch for a few days to see how bad their symptoms are before getting tested. As usual, that debate works both ways too. So how do you really decide if it is worth getting tested or giving it a few days before knowing for sure?

Are you someone with existing medical issues?

There are plenty of theories of how bad Covid can affect a person who has pre-existing medical conditions. While some have recovered fully for others it resulted in death. If you are someone who has these existing illnesses you probably should not take a light cold lightly.

This will require supervision and even medical care if it gets bad. This is particularly worse if you are someone who has respiratory conditions. It is advised if your symptoms worsen and develop into a chest cough. Oximeters are crucial as you are able to measure the level of oxygen in your blood. Do not wait to see the degree of your symptoms. Get tested as soon as possible.

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Came into contact with a positive patient

This one is quite obvious but you’d be surprised at how many people do not see the importance of getting tested even after they’ve met someone. The usual time period to wait would be 3 to 5 days before getting tested. If you are still not convinced that you have been in contact then you should at least consider getting an antigen test. If you want to do a rapid antigen test Melbourne has centers where you can get it done or buy a self-test kit.

Live with an older person

Speculation is that older folk are more susceptible to catching Covid due to lower immunity. So, if you are living with someone older it is your responsibility to get yourself tested.

Have to meet others

Businesses have to still run regardless of the pandemic. Although at the beginning business travel took a nose dive it has since been building up. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure taking a test prior is a responsible decision.

You will be able to travel in confidence knowing you are not a potential threat to those around you. It is also still mandatory to have a negative test when visiting some countries which will have to be adhered to.