I just got diagnosed with Diabetes and now have to go to the pharmacy regularly for all of my supplies, I’m not sure how to use everything and am feeling quite overwhelmed by all the changes that are being suggested for my life. I need more than just prescriptions, I need someone who can answer my questions and help me to feel more comfortable about using my prescriptions correctly and safely. Can a website really help me with this, or do I need to go to the pharmacy in person so I can talk with the pharmacist?

A really good online pharmacy will have staff on hand that can discuss your new prescriptions with you. Not only will they explain to you what the drug is, how it is supposed to help you, and how you are supposed to take it; they can also tell you what other drugs or foods you should avoid, what activities might not be appropriate while taking the drug, and what possible side-effects to watch out for. The pharmacists in these stores are real, licensed and professional people just like the guy you go and see already. They do typically keep normal working hours, so be sure to ask questions during normal business hours, or check what hours chats are available. You can typically either computer chat using a messaging box on the website, or call in to talk to him/her in person. Communication is the key to a great experience with your health care providers, so do not hesitate to contact them or your personal care provider if you feel you are having any problems or have questions about the prescriptions.

Beyond great communication, there are also many other additional benefits you can find using a good quality online pharmacy. Among these are having your products and prescriptions delivered directly to your home so you never have to go and wait in line again. Your prescriptions can be sent along with any other monthly necessities for personal care, vitamins, supplements, make-up and many other items that you might regularly need. You are likely to find the prices lower than the stores and shipping is often free when you purchase a minimum amount. These are all great reasons to take a deeper look at the possibility of replacing your monthly trip to the pharmacy to pick up all these things.


Your primary care physician, friends and family are likely to have some suggestions on who they have made purchases from in the past. It is always good to get a few opinions on how well the service worked for others, what experiences they had with delivery, availability, and quality. Another thing to discuss with them is how they felt about the availability and helpfulness of the pharmacist so you know you can feel comfortable talking to him/her. Convenience is a fantastic, and an online store can provide everything you get from your local pharmacy, with quite a few added bonuses. Even if you have a new prescription and lots of questions, the professionals are waiting.