Have you ever thought of an emotional freeze frame capable of stopping people from their attacks? An emotion which can make people to turn and run? A feeling that any individual would be interested in avoiding by all means possible even if it means trying out something weird?

There are people who would not even dare enter into a relationship just for the fear on how it will end. There are people who will never change their jobs just because they are afraid of the interview process. There are people who are afraid of being wrong hence they will never try to make any decision. There are also people who will never attempt to step one foot out of their territory for the fear that they will never be in a position of getting back.

freeze frame

The main question is why has fear been more fearful?

Have you ever imagined of what would happen if you hurt yourself? What happens in case all goes wrong? What about if you mess up? What happens whenever you are successful? Have you ever imagined what happens if you don’t make it? What about if people laugh at you?

Fear is always considered to be an emotional freeze frame. It is capable of freezing individuals to the core and can also make them run much faster.

You might have heard of the acronym of fear. The false expectations usually appear to be real.

Most people are known to confuse it with: Forget all and Run.

You need to remember the following concerning your unconscious mind:

1. The unconscious mind is only aware of the good.
2. The main duty of your unconscious mind is to ensure you are safe.

By remembering these two points, we can easily reframe fear into a useful way. Fear refers to a warning sign from the unconscious informing us we are most likely to be unsafe.

In case you are approaching the edge of a cliff, you will be interested to have the emotional freeze frame activated. Anyone one would be interested to have his/her warning systems activated to enable you be moved into momentum. However, if you are not in any form of danger, you could be interested in using the emotional freeze frame to have you activated.

Fear would also mean getting us to look at what we are missing. Have you ever imaged of anything? Are you in need of more information? Taking some time and rethinking of what you are doing is a great platform to enable you grows and makes any necessary changes.

There are times when you will discover that everything has been lined up whenever you try posing and evaluating. You will discover that you have the right information and that you are on the right track. At this point, you will have the confidence of proceeding since you will be assured of getting all you have done. However, you need to remember that every emotional freeze frame is important I some context. You also need to remember that fear is not always what looks is like.