If the skin could shout, with the approach of winter, she would scream with all his strength and try to escape and not return with the spring, the sun and heat. No, because if there’s one thing our skin concern is cold. And basically, everyone knows since we’ve all experienced at least once the pain is biting cold on our hands. Just to have forgotten his gloves, and we realize that we may die fingers, yes yes. Felt on all parcels of our skin that come in contact with the cold. The face, hands, neck … In short, the cold is one of the main enemies of the skin and the approach of winter, it is essential that each increased vigilance, even prepare our skin for winter. Yes, you heard right. Preparing your skin. It’s a little war that our skin lives every year, so here’s how.

image source: ultraluxeskincare.com
image source: ultraluxeskincare.com

The actions that could save

There are some simple behaviors to adopt that will help you, and especially help your skin, do not face the winter victim status, and see it move faster than expected in comfort and serenity you will definitely never known before.

  • Eat healthy, and think especially preferred antioxidant foods.This is not a novelty, our diet has a direct impact on our skin and there is no reason for that to change during the winter. Taking care of her skin that passes through diet.
  • Absolutely avoid chapping and frostbite taking care to moisturize more often than usual your skin with a slightly rich and nourishing cream that you normally use.With that, the cold can do anything you do and you’ll be really quiet.
  • Once a week, whether accompanied or not, sleep by standing on your face moisturizing mask for your skin to do the full of energy.
  • Make a scrub twice a week, so that the cream penetrates into your skin.
  • Remember to drink plenty of water, and make sure that the water is at room temperature, not cold.
  • In the morning, do not hesitate to awaken your face by dabbing it with a warm towel.
  • Keep a tube of moisturizer in your bag to be able to moisturize your skin throughout the day.

These are the few ways of skin care method in winter.