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Summer is fast approaching and you hope you can take a few colors. But how  to prepare the skin before exposure to the sun? rather say how to take care of skin in summer.

Exfoliate to prepare your skin!

> On the face and body, once a week or once every 15 days, a month before the exhibition.

Nothing like that before summer to brighten her complexion and her body by removing dead cells and stimulating cell renewal. Your skin will be even more sublimated and your tan too.

Note, however, that does not help sticking to more tan but most beautifully.

Caution: Do not over do it too much scrubs especially if you have dry skin, your protector film altering, you would tend to dry out your skin! 

Moisturize your skin!

> A daily moisturizer to the face and body.

Hydration is the basis for a healthy skin, especially after a scrub! Choose a treatment for your skin type in the shape and texture you prefer: cream, milk, balm … The important thing is to hydrate the skin daily after cleansing.

For those who do not know, a moisturizer absolutely not protect the skin from sun damage … If you expose yourself, choose a sunscreen with a sun protection factor adapted to your skin and at the sunshine.

> Drink 3 ½ liters a day.

The creams are primarily to slow the loss of water from our body, not to bring. It is therefore essential to have a beautiful skin hydrated drinking enough water.

Avoid the sun!

> Drink orange and kiwi carrot juice every morning, 1 month before leaving, and especially, do it full of fruits and vegetables!

Hydration and skin beauty also go through what you eat. Also, to help your skin to sublime, bet on a diet rich in beta-carotene and vitamins.

Melons, carrots, green vegetables, sweet potatoes, apricots … Do you deprive more! These foods have the distinction of being very rich in beta-carotene and will help you better prepare your skin against sun damage through their antioxidant action.

Also opt for vitamin C that allows you to protect your immune system against aging of the skin, generated by sunlight. Parsley, currants, strawberries, raspberries and peppers packed in: Consume therefore without moderation! Your skin will be even brighter and radiant!

Boost your skin with solar capsules!

Additionally, you can also make cure solar capsules one to two months before you leave on vacation. Rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene and essential fatty acids, these supplements will act against the dry skin and help you preserve capital-youth of your skin. The most fragile skin will be protected and the tan of summer will be even more intense and prolonged.

Warning: like the foods mentioned above, solar capsules offer no protection against sunburn and do not alleviate UV harm. Also, remember to protect yourself when exposure by applying sunscreen for your skin type.

What about self-tanning?

> Make it a habit, in the summertime, to mix your moisturizer (face and / or body) a self-tanning butter. 

As for self-tanning, they are a very good alternative when you want to seem tanned even though you did not expose to sunlight. Without risk to health, they are available in all forms: creams, mists, sprays … The trick is to use at the beginning of your vacation when your skin is still unaccustomed to UV rays. Rather than face a long time, start slowly and cheat by applying self-tanning cream in the evening after the beach. Remember that the first exposure to the sun should be progressive for a sublime and natural tan.

Warning: A self-tanning does not protect against all of the sun. Use sunscreen and appropriate.

And UV cabin, friend or foe?

> A ban

Beware of UV like the plague! Indeed, although the UV is transmitters of vitamin D, these are very bad for the skin, especially if you are part of those at risk with a clear, sensitive skin. So do not risk this option without the advice of your dermatologist.