The easiest and fastest way to clean clogged pores on your face is to take the steam first and then to exfoliate it. To unblock clogged pores natural home remedies are also very useful.

We all like to look beautiful, but with clogged pores, our face looks dull and dark. It is very important getting your pores clear and clean in time. It is very important to follow a proper lifestyle and excellent habit skin care to avoid blocking the pores.

It is very important to understand the reason and the cause behind clogged pores before emptying the dirt filled clogged pores. In the market, you can get the number of things to treat the those clogged pores. But there are also some good home remedies for cleaning deep pores. Before starting treatment for clogged pores facial scrub is necessary, remove makeup before going to bed and massage the skin once a week to clean clogged pores on your face.

The various forms for cleaning clogged pores are as following:


To keep the skin moisturized and hydrated is very important to wash your face three times a day to remove oil and dirt from the skin as these blocks skin pores. Therefore, you should use suitable facial skin wash to prevent clogged pores. Note: Avoid soaps to wash skin.


Steaming is the process in which the extra oil, dead, contaminating cells and dirt is removed from the skin through sweat while taking hot vapours. This process helps make it easier and smoother to remove impurities from the skin. Take the steamboat and fill some water in it, you can also add aromatic oil, then take the hot steam, once sweat, clean dirt, oil, and sweat with the help of a cotton cloth clean or cotton. You can easily get a steaming device on the market or you can use a bowl full of boiled water- keep your face surrounding with a towel above it . Steaming also helps in removing blackheads and pimples on the skin.


This process helps to exfoliate the skin and removes all the dirt that sticks in the pores of the skin. There are many bushes on the market available, you can check your ingredients such as glycolic acid, hydroxy, natural extract, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid before buying. You can also make your scrub at home. Scrubbing helps eliminate blackheads on the skin and makes you look fairer.

Choose right makeup remover

Another way to clean clogged pores on the face is the use of the proper technique to remove makeup. Always remove makeup before going to bed. Makeup remover helps avoid blocking the pores resulting in clogged pores. Use heavy makeup only on special occasions or stay natural or apply less makeup. You can use common cleansing milk to remove makeup and then wash your face with warm water and then with cold water.

These are the very basic method to get flawless skin.