In the field of nutrition and lifestyle, what are the best tips to reduce the risk of breast cancer?

The elements favoring breast cancer


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Alcohol is a risk factor for all ages.

It is real in the first glass, then increases with the dose to achieve such 30% with three drinks a day. 
We can also remember that from 10 g of alcohol per day ( amount of alcohol in a standard glass), the risk of breast cancer increases by 10% for each additional glass.


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Tobacco is a known carcinogen to be avoided! At any age, at any time to stop smoking will be beneficial.

Also protect yourself from environmental pollutants including endocrine disruptors that are present on the outside (exhaust, pesticides …), inside (VOC, phthalates, bisphenol A …) and found also in food (heavy metals …).

Excess weight

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Being overweight is a risk factor for cancer in postmenopausal women.

Body fat especially affects certain substances and hormones involved in the risk of breast cancer . Fat cells also tend to promote inflammatory reactions that may occur in the initiation and progression of cancers.  
In the end, like all the weight gained is difficult to lose, you should be careful not to take throughout his life, especially to address the menopause in the best conditions.


Fatty acids “trans” are used by the food industry, are associated with an increased risk of breast cancer . Therefore, it is recommended to return to a “home” kitchen, designed from basic foods, and limiting industrial products. 

The elements which protect breast cancer

Physical activity

At any age, physical activity protects against breast cancer.

For example, we know that after menopause, the risk reduction can be very large, up to 30-40%.

Note that physical activity is also recommended during a treatment against cancer and after a relapse prevention…


There is no study claiming that this or that food helps prevent breast cancer .

However, it is advisable to avoid the use of dietary supplements (unless directed by their doctor), but to meet their nutritional needs through diet balanced and diversified. Such power also has the benefit of helping to maintain a stable weight.

Within the anti-cancer diet, green tea occupies a place of excellence because it is the food that contains the most anticancer drugs. Green tea: the anti-cancer excellence .

Finally, omega-3 , the famous good polyunsaturated fatty acids for cardiovascular system, also exert a preventive effect on cancer in general: eat fish twice a week .

Full of vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a preventive role vis-a-vis breast cancer . Indeed, Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.


Breastfeeding is a protective factor of breast cancer .