There are many types of shoes in the market which have designed only focusing on the style and not comfort of the person wearing such shoes. This results in people buying shoes considering only the style and regretting later. So here are some tips to help you identify comfortable shoes.

Comfortable Design

There are some features you should consider with regard to the design if you are looking for a pair of comfortable shoes. Such features include an ankle collar, Achilles notch, a midsole, appropriate toe box and a roll bar.

An ankle collar helps prevent the blisters you get from rubbing your ankle against the shoe while an Achilles notch helps to reduce or prevent the blisters that might occur near the heel. You have to look for a shoe in which the midsole matches your feet because it a midsole absorbs the shock and will help you to control the foot motion. Toe box is important because wearing a smaller shoe can cause sores and bunions. A roll bar can be seen mainly on hiking shoes to prevent fiction and accidental rolling of the ankle.

comfortable work shoes
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Lightweight Shoes

Heavy weight shoes are usually made using less comfortable materials. And heavy shoes are less flexible when compared to light weight shoes. You should look for lightweight shoes during warm or dry weather and also when hiking because they allow your feet to breathe easily.

Flexible Shoes

The shoe you wear should be flexible for you to be comfortable wearing it especially in walking and jogging shoes. However, running shoes are firm in order to support the weight and force of a running stride. A shoe must bend under the ball of the foot and also there must be a light resistance from the shoe when you twist it.

Small, Wide Heel

Smaller the heel the more comfortable you will feel. However, such heel should also be a wider one. This type of heels can support your ankle and lower the risk of ankle sprains. Your feet and ankles will be more prone to strains and sprains if the heels are sharper and over two inches. Shoes with smaller and wider heels are perfect if you are looking for comfortable work shoes because it will help avoid injuries to your feet and ankle and walk in style at the same time.

Good Cushioning

The type of cushioning will depend on the type of shoe. Running shoes usually have more cushion on the heel while walking shoes have more cushion on the ball of the foot. Therefore, you have to carefully choose the pair of shoes you need for the particular activity you intend to wear it for as well as your requirements.

Make sure to try your shoes on both soft and hard surfaces before buying them to check how the level of comfort works on such surfaces and also to check whether your toes have sufficient space in the toe box.

Above are a few of the most important features you should consider when buying comfortable shoes. However, while checking whether the shoes you are intending to buy have these features, you should feel comfortable in them. Wear the shoes and walk around a few times and see if they really serve the purpose you need before buying them.