Nobody knows what is around the next corner. Nobody knows if disease or a crippling condition is likely to come their way. But sadly life is not always a bed of roses. Today, despite the great strides made in medical research, there are still conditions and diseases which strike at many families and individuals. Two serious setbacks can be found in cancer and diabetes.

Every cancer patient is unique and the way their situation is handled – their treatment, survival rate and quality of life – depends on a variety of factors. Two important factors involve treatment and, where necessary, palliative care. Having a professional home care visit can make a huge difference. Not only will the visiting health professional know a great deal about the disease, they will also be a practical and an emotional help to the patient and their family. There can be no greater nursing challenge specially when it comes to home nursing than helping a person with a serious illness. If the patient chooses to remain in their own home, a visiting professional health and palliative care worker can make a massive difference to the sufferer and their loved ones.

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A modern day epidemic

Diabetes has long been with us and Diabetes 2 has, in the recent decades, become a condition which is being diagnosed at an alarming rate. Studies by medical researchers suggest that a person’s weight is often a factor in being diagnosed with Diabetes 2. The really frightening aspect is that estimates point to a even greater number of people who have the condition but are not aware of same.

The difficulty with diabetes 2 is that it is often a silent condition and the sufferer does not suffer as such. But internally their organs could be working overtime. The serious repercussions of diabetes can involve loss of a limb, kidney failure and eyesight damage. It is not a minor condition.

One of the best ways to manage diabetes is with a professional diabetes educator and if the in home care assistance involves such a person they can do many helpful things for the patient. The visiting professional can explain the disease, discuss diet and exercise plans and demonstrate how to test the blood sugar levels on a regular basis. All this of course takes place in conjunction with the patient’s general practitioner. It is possible to live with diabetes and to manage the condition. The key is to understand the condition and know how to test yourself to ensure your lifestyle is appropriate.

Cancer and diabetes are just two situations in which home care services can make an enormous and even a life-saving difference to patients everywhere. We all deserve the best in medical care and support and in home care has a vital role to play in these life-changing situations.

For anyone faced with a health challenge such as these, contacting your local home care services is a brilliant move. Simply explain your situation and learn about the wonderful and practical; help and support which is available where the professionals come to you.