People who are only working to gain more and more profits without caring about their customers are not that good in business. Most people will only shop in their stores for convenience and not because they want to, you need to make your customers love your business if you want to be successful.


When you visit your doctor due to some ailment, he or she will prescribe you the necessary drugs to help you reduce the pain you might be experiencing and eventually cure your problem. You will need to visit a drugstore and get the prescriptions filled. There are both independent and chain pharmacies and their services are quite different. When a person is sick, they need to be shown some compassion and tenderness, this is not the case with most chain drugstores –they are there to make as much money as possible. This is why you should always visit the local and independent pharmacy in your town rather than the big chain ones. When you visit the independent drugstores you not only get your prescriptions filled, you also get other benefits. These benefits include the following:

·         More Personal Contact

Shopping in the big chain pharmacies is not friendly to the customers on a personal level. This might be because of the policies set by the board of governors overlooking all the practices of the pharmacies. When you go to fill your prescription in your local pharmacy, you will be greeted warmly by the pharmacist since they know you and know what you need even before you ask for it. They engage you in a simple and friendly conversation as they serve you and that makes the experience a nice one. Back in the day most pharmacies had ice cream vending machines and people would enjoy themselves as they waited.

·         Pocket Friendly Prices

If you are not in a good situation and you are not able to get all the medication you need, your local pharmacist can file a case to the Prescription Benefit Managers. This body is responsible for the safety of drugs and ensuring that certain medication is made affordable to the patients. Your local pharmacy can also sell you medication based on the amount of money that you have on you unlike the big chain pharmacies that have to abide by the laws set by the governing body and cannot consider the customer at all. Even if you do not get any discounts, you can still get half the prescription and then come back for the rest later when you get the money.

·         Gift Shops

Whereas the chain pharmacies are all about business in filling prescriptions, the independent pharmacies in so areas also have gift shops near them. When you visit this local pharmacy to fill the prescription of an ailing relative or friend, you can get them a gift to help bring a smile on their face. This is not a big deal but it is a very simple and yet effective way of helping the ailing person recover quickly. These shops sell simple and affordable gifts or even cards for wishing the patient quick recovery from their disease.

If you are looking to get you next prescription filled, you should visit the closest independent pharmacy in your town. You will get both affordable and very customer friendly services unlike if you had visited one of those big chain pharmacies that are spread across the country.