Coffee Grounds are known as the coffee residue left in the coffee filter. Recent studies show that coffee grounds are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that can beautify the skin, hair and help us solve several problems in the garden. In addition, the coffee grounds are also very effective in eliminating odors.

Reusing coffee is not only a good way to recycle and care for the planet but also helps us save money and get twice this popular drink. There are several uses of coffee grounds. If you know other use do not forget to leave it in the comments at the end of the article.

How can you recycle coffee grounds

(1) Nourishing exfoliating and softening skin

There are several ways to use coffee grounds as a natural exfoliant for the skin. You can give a massage with coffee wet skin using circular motions or you can add coffee grounds to your favorite cleanser and wash your face as usual. Do not rub too hard because you could damage the skin. Is that the coffee grounds are fine, if they are very thick you can crush with bottom of a clean glass.

(2) Coffee grounds hair

Check coffee grounds in one or two cups of hot water. Let stand for 15 minutes. You miss schools and the liquid into a spray bottle. During the day you sprinkle the hair roots infusion. Coffee stimulates the scalp so the hair will grow faster. You can keep in the fridge. Coffee can darken hair so this remedy is not recommended for people with light hair. Another way to use the coffee grounds hair is when washing your hair. Before you out the shampoo, wash your hair with coffee grounds. The coffee will remove any hair residue left by commercial products and will result in a smooth and shiny hair.

(3) To remove odors

A popular homemade trick to deodorize the refrigerator is put a deep saucer with coffee. Coffee absorbs odors meals. If you’ve been cooking with onions, garlic or other strong – smelling food, to remove the odor from your hands, you can wash them with coffee grounds.

Another way to use coffee to remove odors is to throw coffee grounds in a clean pantymedia, tied well so that the coffee does not come out. He gets a tape and tied the rearview mirror of the car. Your car will flood a delicious smell of coffee. You can also hang in the closet.

(4) To take care of the garden

The coffee grounds are extremely useful to take care of the garden. They are an excellent fertilizer for plants that prefer an acid such as tomatoes, roses, azaleas and blueberries, evergreens, camellias, avocados, and some fruit trees environment. To make a fertilizer blend 250g (half a pound) of coffee grounds in five gallons of water, allowed to stand outdoors and used as liquid fertilizer.

Some people say that the coffee grounds also serve to ward off cats, slugs and snails. While others say that has not served them. Nothing is lost by trying.

(5) To reduce cellulite

Although you need to take several steps to combat cellulite, a scrub of coffee can help reduce the appearance of orange peel. A quarter cup of coffee grounds with two tablespoons of olive oil Mix and add a tablespoon of sugar. All the ingredients are well mixed and used at bath time. The areas where cellulite is massaged and moistened with circular movements. Wash.

(6) Spa treatment to tone and soften the skin

To make a spa treatment bandages style coffee grounds with almond oil mixed into a paste. A shower curtain on the bed sets. The paste on the areas you want to treat and covered with a damp towel set. When you have covered all the areas you wrap yourself in the shower curtain and relax for about 20 minutes. Then have a bath with hot water.

(7) To save pins and needles

are allowed to dry coffee grounds and wrapped in a pretty fabric. It is sewn so that it is as a pillow. It is used to store pins and needles. How to costurero

eightTo stop the blood in the wounds
for wounds that are not serious, you can stop the bleeding pouring coffee grounds directly on the wound. This leaves two minutes rinses. The bleeding will have stopped.

nineTo make scented candles
in a carton of empty, clean and dry milk will take a little candle wax (paraffin) liquid before it dries and hardens completely are added coffee grounds. You end up filling the carton with liquid paraffin, it is put a wick and allowed to dry until hard. When it hardens completely breaks and cardboard candle left.

tenFor foot care
Add the coffee grounds to a basin of warm water and put your feet for about 15 minutes. You can also rub your feet with the coffee grounds to soften the skin and remove dead cells. This remedy is not only an energizer but also will help control sweating and smelly feet