Sleep dentistry is provided by dentists and clinics across Australia and the world, helping nervous patients to feel completely comfortable throughout dental procedures. A dentist may recommend sleep dentistry for you if you require a dental task that’s long, complex or uncomfortable, or if you have a specific fear of being at the dentist.

Sleep dentistry and sedation can be used in local clinics as well as private hospital and is a completely safe option for those who experience dental anxiety. Carried out by experienced staff using specialized equipment, patients undergoing sleep dentistry can be assured that the procedure is safe and non-invasive. This article details are some of the main reasons why people seek out sleep dentistry for dental treatments.

Limit Your Dental Anxiety and Fears

If you’re the type of person that feels uncomfortable or nervous about visiting the dentist, you’ll be pleased to know that sleep dentistry can help settle your fears. Sleep dentistry is an effective solution for patients that want to feel absolutely comfortable throughout a dental procedure, and for this reason, it’s often recommended for those who experience dental-related anxiety.

If the dental procedure or operation you need to have performed is long, dentists may also opt for sleep dentistry as a means to not put you through any unnecessary stress throughout the procedure. When under sedation, you won’t be aware of what’s going on around you, helping to completely ease your nerves, keep the operation out of sight, and allow you to walk away from the clinic unaffected by the experience.

Painless Procedures

One of the main reasons why sleep dentistry is provided as a solution during dental procedures is to vastly reduce any pain experienced throughout a procedure. Depending on the kind of procedure you’re having done, sleep dentistry can be an effective way to relieve discomfort, pain or unpleasant sensations that may be involved with the dental task. Fillings, crowns, extractions and more can all be performed with sleep dentistry.

Your dentist will place you in a drowsy, dream-like state for the duration of the procedure. This will make you unaware of your surroundings, ensuring you won’t feel any pain or discomfort throughout the dental procedure. However, you will still experience the associated side-effects of the procedure afterward, such as swelling or numbness.

Efficient Dental Solutions

Sleep dentistry is also often used as a way to reduce the time a dental procedure, surgery or operation takes. Sleep dentistry is efficient in the sense that it allows dentists to perform multiple procedures or tasks at once without the patient needing frequent breaks. This means that the procedures will be uninterrupted and multiple sessions won’t be required to achieve the desired outcome. Because of this, sleep dentistry is often used for the likes of wisdom teeth removal, lengthy procedures, and other more complicated dental operations. It also helps to cut down on costs, as you can achieve get more than one procedure done at once, meaning only one dental visit is required.