Sure, you probably know the basic of exercising. Actually, almost everyone does. It keeps you in great shape, makes you feel good, improves your energy levels, keeps the weight off and overall just makes you feel like a productive human being. We also know that exercising today, will contribute towards a healthier future, for a better quality of life. What we do not know however, is what exercising really entails and how it is able to achieve all of these great goals. How does it help you burn fat? What happens to your body as you exercise? These are a few points offering you further insight into the world of exercising.

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What You Put In Is What Goes Out

Basically, whatever you feed your body is what it will burn. However, there is a fine balance that needs to be maintained here. So if, for instance you consume more calories than your body needs on an average day, these calories will be stored as fat, and you need to work out harder to burn them off. If on the other hand you consume less than what your body needs, naturally you will lose weight. This is not a very good situation though, since you are probably starved of essential nutrients, so the best thing to do is work with a dietician or nutritionist to achieve an equal balance between what you put in and what you burn.

Working Out On an Empty Stomach

Different people work out during different times of the day, some in the morning and some in the evening. Whatever time you work out though, make sure you do not work out on an empty stomach. There seems to be a common misconception that an exercise plan works best before you eat. No such thing. In fact, you should be working out after you have put something in your stomach. Stuffing yourself is not the solution since it can actually make it much harder for you to work out effectively. Something small that gives you energy is sufficient.

Change Is Important

Any fitness regime will only deliver proper results if you change it up. You cannot stick to the same reps and same exercises for months on end and expect to see a difference. After a while, your body develops what is known as ‘muscle memory’, and it is no longer affected by your working out anymore. Remember that your body loses weight only if the work out is a challenge. Otherwise, it hits what is known in this world as a ‘plateau’. Besides, changing things up keeps you interested and motivated, so all the more reason to do so.

Eat According To Your Goals

If you are trying to lose fat in the particularly stubborn areas like your midriff or hips for instance, continuing a carb-rich diet is not exactly going to help. You should be eating lean meats, loading up on proteins and of course packing on the fruits and vegetables. Not that enjoying a cupcake is going to unravel everything, but eating 10 will certainly push you back. You need to eat according to your fitness goals. Only then will you see the results you hope to.