Elliptical cross trainers are one of the best types of cardio equipment you can have in your home. They provide a full body workout, targeting almost every major muscle group in your body to improve muscle tone and strength. They also provide a low impact exercise, and when used at a high level of intensity they can burn up to 38 kilojoules per minute.

Elliptical cross trainers may sound like the best, all-rounder gym equipment, but they do require proper usage in order to reap the best results. Here, we look at a few ways to boost your elliptical cross trainer workout.

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Strengthen Your Core

Your core muscles consist of your lower back, the abdominals, and the thoracic and cervical region of the spine. While you may think that the elliptical cross trainer will not do much for the core – after all, you move your arms and legs the most on this machine – it can, in fact, provide an effective core strengthening workout. All you’ll need to do is to let go of the handles. Once you’re working the cross trainer without using your arms, you’ll be forced to engage with your abdominal muscles to maintain your balance. This works quickly to build core strength.


Add Intervals to your Workout

Interval training provides a wealth of benefits – and it’s easy to achieve on an elliptical cross trainer! As it consists of short yet high-intensity bursts of speed with slow recovery phases, interval training trains your body to recover more efficiently while boosting your fitness levels when you continue to practice the rotation of excuses.

To do this on a cross trainer will require constant effort, as you will have to add periods of fast pedaling. Through a repetitive motion of intense activity and recovery time, you will boost your metabolism and increase your fitness levels.


Pedal Backwards

To improve your agility, work your quads, and fine-tune your balance, try backward pedaling. You’re sure to feel a difference immediately, as your body will use different muscle groups to work with the backward motions.

These are just a few of the many ways to ensure you get a dynamic workout from elliptical cross trainers. Just Fitness in Melbourne stocks a wide range and are happy to assist you in finding the right machine for your needs, allowing you to practice all the workouts above in the comfort of your home.