You better believe that self-tanner is an absolute godsend. If not for self-tanning we would end up looking pasty, pale and also a little sickly. Like any other beauty product on the market, it requires a particular set of skills to be able to master the art of self-tanner application. Of course practice makes perfect, so putting on self-tanner a couple of times will help you reach that level of being able to skillfully put on a tan and transform into a golden goddess, but for the other unfortunate few without the built-up practice, you will be left with quite a few blotches and streaks here and there. In order to endure a smooth application several factors play a major role, so you better consider all of them before considering the actual application process.

Curdled Milk

Imagine you have bought yourself a bottle of liquid gold oil and spread it across your body hoping for an even application, but end up with streaks on your face because you have not been through enough. Now you may have heard that rubbing a lemon slice over these self-tanning streaks can do the trick of lightening it up to make it look better, but I must let you know that even though this may work it would be a bad idea to use it on your face since the skin on your face is very sensitive and will have a chance of reacting badly with the acid from the lemon wedge. So, it is recommended to put a tablespoon of lemon juice into some milk, at that point put the lemon slice in it, which would result in the curdling of the milk to form a glue-like substance; this can then be applied on your face to get a smooth and evenly applied tan.

Ice Cubes

Ice cubes should be a part of your beauty regime, but it should be a bigger part of your self-tanning regimen as well. Before you put on your tan it is recommended that you rub an ice cube all around your face to seal the pores on your skin; after that you can use a tissue and pat dry your face before applying the self-tanner. Using ice on your face causes for the pores to close, this is to ensure that your pores don’t get obstructed by the tan, which may result in breakouts.

Squeeze the Mitt

Using a tanning mitt helps to distribute the product on your skin more evenly and provide a finish that is more natural-looking. But all of this depends on the technique that you use, putting the lotion on to the palm of the mitt and them clenching your hand can allow for the product to press on to the top part of the mitt. This process can help with the application of a thin layer of tan especially on the face resulting in a tan that is perfect in colour rather than being too dark.