In earlier days the royal women used various tricks and home remedies to lighten their skin, especially the buttermilk. There are several natural ingredients that have skin lightening properties. Examples include onion juice, cucumber juice, parsley, and turmeric. If you take proper care of your skin your skin will continue to glow and healthy.

Here we have several tips for skin whitening. One should apply a very little ingredient what discussed below for allergy test before using any ingredient as skin whitening.

Onion juice and parsley lighten the skin

To test, you can put the substance on the bottom of the wrist and leave it for 48 hours. If no reaction is most likely not allergic to the ingredient.

Whey skin lightening

Apply it with a cotton ball and left it overnight. Wash your body at morning with cold water. It can also be added to bath water.

Use of Orange peels – skin whitening

Make powder form of orange peels, dried in the sun. Add milk to form a cream and apply it over the area you want to whiten. Let it dry. Wash with warm water. Repeat daily.

Skin lightening cream

Take two egg whites and add fresh lemon juice. Beat until creamy and apply it at night. Before leaving the next day washed well.

Whiten skin with rice water

Take a handful of rice in three cups of water and place over low heat until boiling. Let the water be cooled and apply with a cotton ball. Leave this for overnight.

Potato juice for skin tone

The juguito that comes to potatoes is very effective for skin lightening and achieve a uniform tone. Simply cut a potato in half and swallow it by the area to clarify. Leave for a few minutes and rinse with warm water. Repeat daily.


A small towel is sewn with the sewing machine in a triangle but one side is left unstitched. It is filled with all the dried flowers of elderberry that fit and used to wash your face. Not only whitens the skin but softens.

Skin whitening and remove the tan

Apply 2 tablespoons plain yogurt all over your face, lie down and wait until dry. Rinse with water. Repeat twice a week.

Rinse skin with parsley

This remedy should not be used if it is to expose to the sun.Chopped A bunch of parsley chopped into small pieces and put the parsley into bowl full of boiled water. Let stand for half an hour. Drain out the water into another bowl. Apply this water to your skin as a lotion two or three times a day. This remedy also serves to remove pimples and blackheads .

Sour milk

Sour milk has a high content of lactic acid, which acts as a natural peeling. It can be applied directly to the skin with a cotton ball. People with very sensitive skin should not use this remedy.

Turmeric as antiinflamatory

A common remedy for skin whitening in India is turmeric (Indian saffron). You can make a paste with turmeric and water and put on the skin. After one hour washed. It is said that turmeric inhibits the production of melanin, which is what gives color to the skin. However, it should be noted that after putting turmeric skin is yellowish for several hours.

Whiten skin with soy

Soy contains proteins that inhibit the production of pigment in the skin.

To lighten the skin and give an even tone, you can try this tips for a natural cleanser.

1 cup soy milk
1/2 cup oat grains
1 tablespoon honey
stir all ingredients in a blender at high speed until smooth and creamy mixture. Pour into a jar having the tight fitting lid. To use, massage skin with the mixture and washed with warm water. Save the mixture in the refrigerator to use for 2 or 3 weeks.