We all want to have a skin like porcelain, with a uniform and free of imperfections and stains tone. Although there is certain pigmentation that some people might find nice as freckles and moles, there are other spots that nobody likes like cloth (melasma), sun spots and age spots.

The spots on the skin can go for a variety of reasons. It can be hereditary, by age, hormonal changes, damage caused by the sun or by a poor diet. Ingredients like cucumber, lemon juice, potato juice and parsley are folk remedies to fade spots on the skin.

Important – should consult a dermatologist or a health professional before implementing any of these home remedies. Some ingredients can stain the skin with the sun. Do not expose yourself to the sun without skin have been washed well. For extra protection, use sunscreen.

Natural Remedies to Remove Skin Blemishes

Capillary spots

A mixture to reduce the appearance of capillary spots is made with 1 lemon, 2 tablespoons milk, aloe vera pulp. Squeezed lemon and mixed with milk. Apply to the affected area and when dry give it the pulp of aloe vera (aloe vera pulp must be clean, launder before to get the yellow liquid, popularly known as “iodine”) and cover with gauze. Leave it for several hours and rinse with water.

Yuca to remove stains on the face

Put a cassava to boil until soft. Apply cassava puree on the face. Effective to remove the cloth and scars caused by acne.

Yogurt and carrot to remove skin blemishes

Yogurt and carrot are good home remedies to remove stains. Apply plain yogurt (no flavor) on the face and put up carrot slices. Leave for a few minutes and rinse. This is one of the beauty secrets of yogurts.

Home remedy for sun spots

Make a thick mixture of lemon and sugar and apply it on the stain for twenty minutes and then wash. Do it only at night and wash your face the next day before sun exposure.

Cucumber and parsley mask removes stains

Like lemon, parsley and cucumber also have bleaching effects. A mixture to remove skin blemishes can be made by mixing 5 tablespoons of liquefied cucumber, crushed 5 tablespoons parsley, 5 tablespoons sesame oil or wheat germ oil. It is placed in a glass jar and closes tightly. Kept it in a glass jar and close tightly in a dark place for a few days and then apply it for 20 minutes on stains. Wash as usual. Beauty tips of cucumber do not end here.

Apple cider vinegar

Apply a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar every day and leave it for 20 minutes. After a layer of plain yogurt gets tasteless for about 20 minutes. Wash.

Coconut cream

Another home ingredient used to remove stains on the skin is coconut cream. Apply it every night.

Clay mask to remove skin blemishes

2 tablespoons of clay, half an orange, a carrot juice. Mixed everything up and puts on the face. It is left to dry and set hard. Do it when no one as it can not laugh or talk.

Onion and vinegar

The onion is good for removing skin blemishes. Vinegar has a natural peeling characteristics . Crush an onion and mix with vinegar. Apply directly on the stain and let it sit for 15 minutes and washed. If irritation occurs wash immediately. Do not expose yourself to the sun after using this remedy.

Lemon to remove skin blemishes

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is the most popular choice there to fade skin spots. But be careful not to expose to the sun while you are using lemon juice because it can stain the skin more.

Lemon juice with tomato juice

The tomato juice is very beneficial to the skin by its vitamin A. You can mix a tablespoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of tomato juice, stir and applied with a cotton pad stains. It leaves about 20 minutes and washed.

Important: Do not expose your skin to the sun after using some remedy with vitamin C (like lemon).

General recommendations to prevent skin blemishes

1. One of the best ways to prevent stains on the skin is sun protection. No sun exposure during the hours that is wearing a hat or use sunscreen when you have to expose.

2. Lead a healthy and balanced, rich in fruits and vegetable diet. You can also include fish and nuts that are very good for skin health.

3. Take 6 to 8 glasses of water a day to keep the body and skin well hydrated.

4. Before going to bed and after washing the face can apply extra virgin cold olive oil . Olive oil has powerful antioxidants that not only improve the health of the skin but can eventually fade spots. To increase its effectiveness for removing stains you may add equal parts of oil & rosehip seed which is an ingredient used in commercial creams to remove stains.