As the years pass, the skin becomes thinner and drier and wrinkles begin to form and the dreaded “crow’s feet.” After many years of mourn, laugh, blink and squint it is very logical that crow’s feet forming. Another common cause of these wrinkles around the eyes are formed is exposed to the sun without using dark glasses. Here are some tips to prevent wrinkles.

How to prevent and reduce crow’s feet

There are several measures and home remedies we can do to prevent them from leaving the crow’s feet or to reduce them if they have already left.

sunglass girl
Use dark glasses

Every time you go out in the sun put on dark glasses. Sunlight makes entrecerremos eyes, which wrinkle the skin around the eyes and makes them start out crow’s feet.

Moisturize skin daily

To keep the skin moisturized can choose between these three ingredients: avocado, almond oil, aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel should always be thoroughly washed before use.

Once you choose which of these ingredients serve you more, you can spread on the area of crow’s feet, but be careful you do not go into the eyes. It is left for about 20 or 30 minutes and rinse.

drink water

Take mineral water

It is said that mineral water is best for the skin due to its high content of silica, a mineral that strengthens cells that lie between collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. This delays the formation of wrinkles.

Homemade cream against crow’s feet

A little almond oil mixed with a little lanolin. Stir well and applied to the area of crow’s feet before bedtime. Overnight it is allowed. Some people may be allergic to these ingredients and should not use them.

These are few tips on reduce wrinkles. You should start taking care of skin at the early stage. Skin care should be the utmost point of your daily routine because only then you can glow from innermost corner of yourself with confidence.