Are you looking at your feet and wondering if there’s anything you could have done to make them look and feel better? It’s never too late to start caring for yourself, or your feet. Here’s what you can start doing right away.

Wash & Clean them Daily

The first thing when it comes to care is cleanliness and hygiene. Washing and cleaning your feet regularly is your first step towards maintaining clean and healthy feet. lukewarm water and gentle soap should just be enough for daily cleansing.

You might think you’d need to use anti-bacterial soaps or so because it’s your feet you’re dealing with after all. However, if you make it a point to wash them well, daily, there’s no need to use special soaps, not every day at least.


When you think about what moisturizing can do to your skin, you realize that your feet may be one of those precious parts in your body that need it the most. How tired your feet are depends on your lifestyle.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that at the end of a long day, they’re likely to be the tiredest part of your body. Daily moisturizing should help prevent cracks, roughness and dryness that your feet are highly prone to. Never miss the skin areas between your toes


A lot of people start thinking of regular massages only after they develop aches, pains, or some sort of discomfort. Ideally, however, you would massage and pamper your feet at least once a day. A few minutes of massaging should be just fine.

You may want to look up the internet for simple foot massages you can do in minutes. You can also speak to an expert if you like, especially if you are looking for massages that are more therapeutic. If you are thinking of getting yourself a foot massager, again, you may want to get opinions from an expert and follow their advice accordingly.

Wear the Right Shoes

One of the key things many aren’t aware of is that footwear can play a huge role on the health and the appearance of your feet. Wearing footwear that fits you well, in terms of size and shape, is important to prevent skin issues like blisters, rashes, and infections, as well as discomfort or pain that can eventually cause trouble on foot muscles and tissues.

Another thing you need to care about is the material your footwear is made of, especially if you are prone to allergies. Certain materials can cause irritation and discomfort which can lead to bigger issues in the long-run.

Watch Your Sugar Levels

When people tell you that you need to take extra care of your feet if you’ve conditions like diabetes, they are right. Bruises, rashes, and other injuries on your feet can take longer to heal and become a lot harder to deal with altogether when you have conditions like diabetes.

The more you’ve got your sugar levels in control, the less complicated your foot rashes, bruises, and injuries become. This is important because some complications can lead to quite serious consequences eventually.