One of the secrets to maintain the youthful appearance of the skin is to keep the connective tissue strong. Cucumber is rich in silica (or silicon), an essential mineral for maintaining tough connective tissue. In addition, silicon inhibits the aging process in tissues.

As if that were not enough, cucumber water is largely so it is excellent for moisturizing the skin naturally.

When we use the cucumber in natural skin creams , it is important to use organic cucumbers since much of the nutrients are in the skin peel cucumber and do not want to use cucumbers have shell filled with pesticides.

Beauty tips of cucumber

The most popular use of cucumber in beauty routines is to reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. But the truth is that the cucumber is also used to relieve skin sunburned , moisturize the skin, as an astringent and toning and skin lightening.

Rejuvenating skin – Cucumber face masks

To make a rejuvenating cucumber mask you only need to toss four slices of cucumber (complete with shell i.e. organic cucumber) and two tablespoons of yogurt in a blender. Smear the mask on clean, dry skin and left for 10 minutes. Then rinse with fresh water. This mask is especially good to relieve swelling of the face caused by a bad night or salt intake. Moreover, for the bleaching properties of cucumber and yogurt, it also serves to give a uniform skin tone and remove the tan .

Another option for a mask to rejuvenate the skin

Grate all piece of organic cucumber with shells. Add a little jojoba oil and a little white clay into a paste. Smear all over your face in circular motions and leave it for about 8 minutes. It is washed with warm water and dried carefully.

Cucumber as natural exfoliant

You can make an exfoliating cream with half a cup of oatmeal and half a cup of cucumber juice. Thus cucumber works as the natural exfoliant.

Cucumber improves skin elasticity

The two ingredients i.e. sugar and cucumber juice are mixed into a paste. Apply it on the body and face, rubbing in a circular motion to exfoliate the skin . Incubation for 5 minutes and wash with water.

Refreshing cucumber cream for the whole body


  1. 2 peeled and seeded cucumbers into pieces
  2. 1/2 cup warm chamomile tea
  3. 4 tablespoons glycerin

Blend pieces of cucumber. Strain cucumber juice using a canvas. Add chamomile tea and glycerin. Stir well. This cream must be kept refrigerated because it has no preservatives. It can be used to cool the skin on a hot day.

Tip: Cucumber, besides being refreshing and a good astringent for the skin , can be a very effective makeup remover.

The cucumber is also widely used for skin whitening .