Coconut oil is one of the wonders that nature offers us. Not only it has several health benefits but we can also use for several homemade beauty preparations for hair care and skin. Coconut oil is good to massage the skin of a baby after bathing.

Note that to use coconut oil in our beauty routine or for skin care of our baby, we buy is organic. That way we avoid the skin to absorb toxins and pesticides that may come in the regular coconut oil. Another important feature is that we should look coconut oil is extra virgin and unrefined. So we can use their properties to the fullest.

Many say that coconut oil is a simple ingredient of fashion, but the truth is that the benefits of coconut oil are known for many years. What happens is that some years ago coconut oil lost popularity because it contains saturated fat. However, in recent years, the scientific community has clarified this misunderstanding and said that not all saturated fats are bad and that in fact coconut oil is beneficial to health.

Beauty tips of coconut oil

coconut oil for hair

1. Coconut oil for hair frizz

The frizz hair is because porous hair absorbs moisture and swells. Water and oil do not mix between them, so coconut oil prevents the hair to a lose moisture. To apply you can put a small amount on your hands and rub their hands and passed through the hair.

2. Coconut oil teeth whitening

Coconut oil can fight gingivitis and whiten teeth here is a way to use it for this purpose. Simply put the coconut oil on the toothbrush instead of paste. Some people recommend mixing it with a little baking soda to have more texture of toothpaste and bleaching action for a double. It is important to note that very often brushing with baking soda can be harmful to tooth enamel.

3. Coconut oil as a shaving cream for legs

Well, usually women use grapeseed oil or olive oil to shave their legs but that does not mean that coconut oil can’t be. Rub skin with oil and shave as usual. Note that you must be careful not to cut because the skin is slippery by oil.

4. Coconut oil for deep hair conditioning

To implement this beauty tip hair combed to detangle well. It moistens and is divided into sections. Coconut oil is applied from half the length of the hair down to the tips. It is not applied to the hair roots. Left for 30 minutes and wash.


5. Coconut oil for dry lips

The delicate skin of the lips easily dry. Coconut oil helps keep lips moisturized and healthy. To apply on chapped lips simply were spread a little coconut oil and ready. The fatty acids in the oil help to retain moisture and keep lips hydrated.

6. Coconut oil to soften hands

Soften your hands while washing tackle possible! Just slather coconut oil before and wear gloves. The warmth of gloves combined with softening and moisturizing properties of coconut oil are a luxury treatment for the hands.

7. Exfoliating coconut and orange

This is one of my favorite exfoliants and smells delicious. Add a tablespoon of coconut oil with two tablespoons of sugar mixture and 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed orange juice and 1 teaspoon grated orange peel. Stir well and store in a glass jar tightly covered.

8. Night cream coconut oil

On the market, there are so many night creams that do not even know which to choose. For people like me who like to simplify life, an easy and effective is to mix some coconut oil with a capsule of vitamin E. Stir well and gets after washing your face at night. The next day as a usual face wash. This is a good home remedy to prevent wrinkles.strech marks treatment

9. Coconut oil to prevent stretch marks

If you are planning to lose weight or become pregnant, coconut oil can be very useful to prevent stretch marks resulting from these events. Simply coconut oil for all problem areas such as the abdomen and breasts gets. It gets at night before bed and leaves it overnight. The next day you bathe as usual.

10. Coconut oil for dry skin

Coconut oil is a simple way to moisturize dry skin. A good trick is untrue coconut oil all over the body before bed and put on pajamas that do not mind a mess. I use this remedy with my daughter. At first, she was uncomfortable but now she even asks for it when I forget. This is the best way to take care of skin.