Don’t Make These Mistakes If You Want To Maintain the Right Hygiene for Your Infant

An infant’s hygiene is something that is super important. There is no argument about that. It will have a massive impact on their general health and well-being because they will rely on you as an adult to take care of them. The little mistakes that you might make (obviously because you too are human) could significantly affect them. Here are some mistakes that you must avoid in order to maintain the right hygiene standards for your child.

Not Carrying the Infant’s Things around While Travelling

Sometimes as a new parent, it can get a bit overwhelming and it is not at all uncommon to forget a few things here and there or to make a few mistakes. After all, you are putting yourself through endless sleepless nights and exhaustion and are also under a lot of pressure to do the best for your newborn. Therefore, if you make the mistake of not carrying the infant’s nappy bags and other utensils like milk bottles and extra diapers with you, do not feel bad. It is all part of the learning curve, but just keep in mind that if you are going to be even going to the next door neighbor’s house, you might be better off carrying these things with you. Leave a reminder on your phone if you need to keep reminding yourself about it.

Using A Bit Too Much Shampoo

Shampoo always contains a few strong chemicals but in the case of shampoos made for infants, they are created a lot more mildly. Still, using too much can be harmful to the infant’s head and can also cause irritation if it gets into their eyes and nose. The best way to overcome this mistake is to first squeeze out about a pea-sized amount of shampoo on to your palm and then gently spread that only through the hair of the infant. You should also limit yourself to using shampoo just two or three times a week.

Using Too Much Infant Powder

Many parents use powder thinking that too much of it is really not too much. It is generally applied all over the infant after a bath and will be used in the diaper region to avoid rashes as well. However, many doctors advise parents not to use too much of it all the time, as it can be inhaled by the infant. If this happens, it is possible that some infants might be open to contracting respiratory issues and also may have allergic reactions. On the other hand, some scientific studies show evidence that powder actually does not help in dealing with rashes and that you would see better results if you were to be using a cream that contains zinc oxide, just make sure to go to the doctor first.

Using Perfumed and Anti-Bacterial Soaps

Who doesn’t want their infant to smell like a flower? But in the process, you might be exposing their skin to a lot of harsh chemicals that they do not need. Any soap that has anti-bacterial properties and is fragrant contain strong chemicals that will do more harm than good for the child. Avoid all these and opt for the specially formulated infant soaps along with non-perfumed washing lotions and the likes.